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How We Can Help You Solve Your Bed Bug Infestation – Bed Bug Exterminator Los Angeles

Bedbugs are classified as a parasite, which is a small organism that feeds on a host. A host can be a human or animal, just as long as it can supply the bedbug with fresh blood, it will be a suitable candidate. This data alone is enough to disturb anyone, but just knowing that these little pests are sharing your home can only cause more anxiety. Once you discover that your residence is infested with bedbugs, you will need to be prepared to make a quick decision. The question will revolve around professional extermination or DIY, so you will need to decide, which one will work better for you.

Our Professionalism Is Rated #1

If you reside in California, you should consider hiring the best Bed Bug Exterminator in Los Angeles, which is no other than us. We are one of the leading extermination companies in Los Angeles and we strive to meet or exceed all customers’ expectations. A bedbug infestation is no joke and that is why we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is suitable for your budget and needs.

Bed Bug Characteristics

Identifying a bedbug infestation can definitely be very difficult, unless you are familiar with the parasite. One of the most costly mistakes that homeowners make is ignoring the telltale signs of an infestation. A professional Bed Bug Exterminator in Los Angeles will do whatever is necessary to diagnose your parasitic problem. In fact, many of these businesses will rely on bedbug detection dogs. These K9s have been fully trained to sniff out bedbugs. This helps the exterminator locate the bedbug nests, so the treatment will be more effective.

A genuine bedbug has a beak, antenna, wings, and light golden hair. These parasites cannot fly, so do not expect to see them soaring around your home, but they can travel extended distances in a very short period of time. The nymph (young bedbug) has a translucent body and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Once the nymph feeds, their abdomen will turn a bright red, which is actually the host’s blood.

The bedbug egg is about the size of a pinhead, so there is no way that anyone can see them, unless they are looking through a microscope. The adult bedbug is an entirely different story altogether, because they can be seen, but trying to catch them in action, will be nearly impossible. The adult size will vary anywhere from 5-7 millimeters (3/16-1/4”) in length. Their bodies are flat until they feed and at which their abdomen will extend quite largely, since it is now filled with fresh blood. Many experts describe the adult bed bug’s body, as being similar to an apple seed. Their elongated body is also a reddish-brown color, but just as the nymph, the adult’s abdomen will also turn a bright red after feeding.

Reporting Laws

In the United States, home and business owners may be required to report their bedbug infestation to their local health department or associated entity. If you are unsure of whether or not to report this incident, just contact the California Department of Public Health. An agent will be able to assist you with your problem, give you advice, and provide you with an abundance of information about parasitic infestations.

Educate All Family Members about Bedbug Infestations

A bedbug infestation can definitely disrupt any normal family routine. Since, they only feed at night many victims will experience restlessness and anxiety right before bedtime. In fact, some individuals will try to stay awake, just so they can catch the bedbug, before it feeds. This is an entirely impossible task, so there is no need wasting your time, because bedbugs are very deceptive. Educate and train your family on how to identify parasitic infestation, this way they will be prepared for their presence.

Identifying the Signs

 We are truly the most reliable bed bug exterminator in Los Angeles and we’ve seen it all. We also sympathize with your situation and understand how frightening bedbugs can truly be. We understand that identifying a bed bug infestation can be much more difficult than you could ever imagine. Although it is possible to utilize dogs and other tools to identify their presence, there are some obvious things that could definitely confirm an infestation. Below, we’ve put together a list of things to look for, so you can spot the bugs and take care of them right away.

  • Checking your body is always a good idea. Bedbugs will leave behind lots of little bite marks and they’ll be visible throughout your body. If you find lots of red bumps, which are itchy and resemble small welts, you’re likely dealing with bed bugs.
  • Also, make sure you carefully inspect your bed and linen. Bedbugs are messy critters, which will leave behind bloodstains and excrement. These things will be visible on your beds, sheets and linen.
  • While in your bedroom, you should also give it a good smell. Does it smell a bit odd and musty? This could be a sure sign that you’re suffering from a bed bug infestation.

If you’ve unsure whether or not you’re suffering from an infestation and haven’t been able to locate the signs above, you should give us a call. With our assistance, we’ll be able to help you confirm the infestation, before taking steps to eliminate the problem at its source.

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 When scouring through your phonebook, you will undoubtedly run across many exterminators in your area. However, we can safely say that we are the top bed bug exterminator Los Angeles has to offer. Our team of experts has been in the game for an enormous period of time and they’ve done it all. Even in the worst-case scenario, our team has been able to reach the other side and eradicate the bed bugs. Whether you’re dealing with a minute infestation or one that is becoming overwhelming, you can rest assured knowing our team can help. With this in mind, you should stop hesitating! Pick up the phone and give us a call right now!