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Mice Control

We Offer The Best Mice, Rat Removal Services In Los Angeles

 If you are trying to rid your home of mice or rats the traditional rattrap will be one of the most effective solutions that you have available to you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can just run down to the hardware store, buy a bunch on traps and place them in the home with alluring cheese. Most Los Angeles residents are surprised to learn that mice and rats have evolved. These rodents now know how to remove cheeses and other foods from traps without getting stuck. This is why you will still need the assistance of a professional when it comes to rat mice, rat removal services in the Los Angeles area. Our mice, rat Removal Company in Los Angeles can provide you with the very services that you need.

More Humane Removal Solutions

 Yes, there is no denying that the rattrap is effective when it comes to dealing with rodents, but it is incredibly brutal and painful. In fact, these traps just break the rodent spine, leaving them there hours to suffer before they perish. Sure, you probably just want them gone from your home, but rats can perform an important role in the ecosystem. This is why we are offering more humane removal solutions. We will actually capture the rodents live and release them into an area where they can thrive and serve the environment with the purpose that they were intended.

We Find The Vulnerabilities

 If you really want to stop rodents from getting inside the home, you are going to need to know how they are getting in. Maybe they are coming in from the attic. Maybe you have an opening in your crawl space or foundation that is allowing access. Whatever the situation is, removing the rodents won’t do any good, unless you can stop them from entering the home. Our techs are trained to spot and seal these entrance points. Most rodent removal companies will only locate the openings, point them out you and make you seal them yourself.

That is not the case when you take advantage of our services. We will find the openings and completely seal them so that another rodent will never be able to enter again.

Available Around The Clock

 It doesn’t matter if it is two in the morning on a Sunday or a holiday weekend, you can give us a call and we will be there for you. We know that dealing with rodents is stressful and we want to make your removal experience more pleasant and pain free as possible. Give us a call anytime of the day or night and we will be there.