Termite Control

Take Advantage Of Our Termite Control & Removal Services

 For most Los Angeles homeowners, termites are public enemy number one.  And, they should be considered so, because they cause American homeowners millions of dollars every year in repair damages. Unfortunately, eliminating termites from the home takes prior knowledge about the inner working of termites. First, you have to know that you are in fact dealing with termites and this is where most homeowners are impervious. Most homeowners don’t even not that their homes are infested until it is too late. This is exactly where our services can come in handy.


Free Inspections

 Our locally based termite control & removal company in Los Angeles offers free inspections. Whether you fear that you are dealing with termites or you are not sure, you can give us a call and we will send out a highly trained inspector to confirm or deny your suspicions. And, we offer this free of charge. Our inspectors know exactly what signs to look for and we will provide you with physical proof that you are in fact dealing with an infestation.


Stop The Problem Before It Starts

 What if there was a way that you could prevent a termite infestation before it starts? There is and that is exactly what we are offering to the good people of Los Angeles. We offer pre-treatment and advice that will help stop an infestation before it starts. For instance, did you know that storing firewood ten feet or closer to the home can attract termites? Did you know that termites are also attracted to cardboard? Take advantage of our preventive termite services and we will head the problem off before it even starts.


Offering Affordable Solutions To Your Problems

 If you are already dealing with termites it is likely that you home will require expensive structural repairs. Our company understands this and that is why we are willing to offer you an affordable solution to your removal needs. We will not take advantage of the fact that you are in need. We offer every one of our customers the same price ranges. While we might not be the cheapest company in the area, we are without a doubt offering the highest level of quality. That being said, we do offer some of the most affordable solutions when it comes to treating termites. To get a free quote, you can all out offices or visit our website to schedule your consultation.