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Box Elder Bugs

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Box Elder Bugs – What Are These Insects?

Boxelder bugs are small insects that measure approximately ½ inch in length. Identifying a box elder bug is simple, thanks to its unique flat wings that are outlined with red markings. These characteristics look like someone drew a red line along the exterior edge of the insect’s wings. The insect is comprised of cherry, maple, ash tree, as well as the Box Elder tree.

Why Is My Home Infested With Box Elder Bugs?

There is no simple explanation for a box elder bug infestation. However, experts believe all homes with the needed essentials become targets before winter sets in. During the late summer, these insects begin searching for suitable shelter to hang out during the winter months. They will access your home through tiny openings around doors, windows, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring.

Box Elder Bugs – Do They Pose A Health Risk To Humans?

Boxelder bugs are not believed to pose health risks to humans or animals. However, they are a nuisance insect without all the health risks.

Box Elder Bug Infestation – How To Eradicate?

Eradicating box elder bug infestations is a complicated process. Residential pest control will always be your best option because it consists of a mixture of treatments, such as pesticides and traps. Contact our local Los Angeles office to learn more about commercial and residential box elder bug pest control solutions.

Box Elder Bug Infestation – Does DIY Pest Control Work?

Boxelder bug infestations can be very in-depth. This is especially true when the pests have taken over a large area of your home. They can crawl into the tiniest cracks and crevices and stay there throughout the winter months. While DIY pest control is an option for some pest infestations, it is not recommended for bog elder bug infestations.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Home?

Once your request for box elder bug treatment or inspection is approved, one of our qualified representatives will dispatch an exterminator out to your home. The exterminator will arrive between 24 and 48 hours, in most cases. To learn more, please contact our office to speak with a qualified customer service representatives.

Is Box Elder Bug Treatment Safe?

We utilize box elder bug pesticides that have been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These products have been deemed “safe” when applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our EPA-approved pesticides are commercial-grade to ensure 100 percent effectiveness. We combine these pesticides with effective pest control techniques to achieve maximum results.

Box Elder Bug Infestation Prevention

It is possible to prevent future box elder infestations by creating a protective pest barrier around your home. Our Los Angeles pest control team will help you create this barrier by filling in openings from the interior to the exterior of your home. We recommend caulk or another waterproof sealant filler to fill in cracks around entrance doors, windows, garage doors, and plumbing pipes. Once your home has been invaded by these insects, you can guarantee they will return again and again. Being prepared is the only way to prevent future infestations.

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