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Stink Bugs

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Stink bugs originated in Asia, eventually migrating to the United States in the late 1990s. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, also known as BMSB, was first spotted in the United States in the Pennsylvania city Allentown in 1996. Since then, the insect has migrated to other states, including California, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. These insects are mostly known for their pungent odor, which is related to a substance excreted by a gland located in the thorax region. The fluid contains a potent mixture of trans-2-octenal and trans-2-decenal chemicals. The adult stink bug measures between ½” and ¾” in length, with a brownish/grayish coloration. Their striped antennas and body shape, which is similar to a triangular, make them very easier to identify.

Stink Bug Infestation – Why My Home?

There are many factors related to bed bug infestation location. First and foremost, stink bugs tend to target homes with access points. They will crawl through tiny crevices to access the interior of a building, starting in the late summer and early fall. Once your home is violated by these insects, their population will continue to grow until they are finally detected. Stink bugs are known to target agricultural areas, damaging crops, and plants.

Stink Bugs – Do They Pose A Risk To My Me And My Family?

There is no evidence that shows stink bugs to be harmful to humans or pets. However, they do have a tendency to target crops like tomatoes, green beans, corn, and plants, such as blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. These insects are more of a nuisance than anything else.

Stink Bug Infestations – How To Eradicate Them Easily And Quickly?

Stink bug infestations are among some of the easiest to tackle. However, this theory only applies to mild cases. The insect’s deceptive behavior is what makes the eradication process so difficult. Stink bugs will crawl into tiny crevices to stay warm during the winter season. Once your home is infested, it will be very common to find the insect hiding in clothes, furniture, boxes, cracks, toys, electronics, rolled-up carpet, clocks, and other items. When the infestation reaches the point, there is no turning back for the victim. Our pest control solution has helped hundreds of Los Angeles home and business owners eradicate their stink bug infestations affordably, quickly, and easily.

Stink Bug Infestation – Does DIY Pest Control Work?

Yes, but only in mild cases. Moderate to severe stink bug infestations require pest control strategies utilizing a combination of treatments, such as pesticides and traps. Our stink bug pest management solutions have been proven to be effective time and time again. To ensure the highest level of effectiveness, we recommend a custom pest control solution. Feel free to contact our local Los Angeles office to learn more.

Residential Stink Bug Pest Control – How Much does It Cost?

The cost varies from one stink bug infestation to another, depending on severity, location, and treatment. More severe stink bug infestations require more drastic pest control solutions, which equals more manpower, time, and pesticides. You can definitely expect to pay more for severe pest control services. This is across the board in the United States pest control industry. The best way to ensure you do not exceed your budget is through a quote. We offer free quotes to all residents of Los Angeles. Call today to request your free stink bug pest control quote.

Stink Bug Infestation Prevention Method

Our stink bug infestation prevention works in several ways. First and foremost, it creates a stink bug barrier around the exterior of your property. Secondly, it eliminates all access points into your point. Thirdly, it deters stink bugs from returning to your home to cause more damage.

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