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Heat Treatment

How Effective Is Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs?

 While there are many effective treatments for bed bugs, many homeowners struggle making the right choice for their situation. Regardless of the severity of your bed bug infestation, an immediate solution is a necessity. So, you are going to be faced with a lot of decisions in the next few days. One of the most important decisions you will need to make is determining which treatment is going to work best for you and your home and family. One thing is for sure, your local exterminator will recommend heat treatment. How effective is this treatment for eradicating bed bugs?

Produces High Temperatures

 Experts have known for a long time that bed bugs cannot handle high temperatures. In fact, they cannot survive in temperatures higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. With that said, in order for heat to be effective, exposure must last at least 90 minutes. To make this possible, exterminators utilize large machines that produce temperatures up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to keep the heat maintained in the home, large duct is utilized and the home is completely sealed – windows and doors closed.

Eradicates Bed Bugs And Their Eggs

 Not many treatments are capable of eradicating bed bugs and their eggs. In fact, many treatments only kill bed bugs, leaving the eggs to cause problems in the future. Heat treatment, when administered properly, can eradicate bed bugs of all sizes and ages, as well as eggs.

Only One Treatment Required (In Most Cases)

 If you are dealing with a mild to moderate bed bug infestation, it is safe to say that a single heat treatment will do the job. Not only will this safe you money in the long run, but also it will make eradicating the infestation easier and quicker. More severe infestations will require multiple heat treatments to eradicate all of the bed bugs and their eggs.

Does Not Utilize Chemicals

 One reason why people prefer heat treatment to pesticides and insecticides is because it does not utilize chemicals. While this may raise a red flag when it comes to effectiveness, heat is one of the most effective bed bug treatments. With that said, you will still be required to vacate the home, because the high temperatures can be dangerous to humans and pets.

Reaches Hard-To-Reach Places

 Heat can penetrate into mattresses, floorboards, cracks, and crevices, the most common places where bed bugs hide. Well, this cannot be said about some of the chemical alternatives.

Heat Machine & Mattress