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Cryonite Treatment

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Cryonite is an effective solution for many crawling insects regardless of the stage of life. Over the years, cryonite has proven to be effective in Australia, Europe, and the United States. This technique utilizes CO2 to eliminate cockroaches, bedbugs, and beetles. CO2 is released as snow and applied to infested locations. Then, it will kill the bug immediately after contracting them.

How Does Cryonite Work?

Cryonite freezes and kills bedbugs. It relies heavily on very low temperatures. The bedbugs are exposed to very low temperatures rapidly and this makes the treatment effective. Carbon dioxide snow is used as the cooling medium. It is sprayed using a patented nozzle specifically designed for this purpose.

Dry Ice – Frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice will convert from snow to gas as it sublimates. There is no liquid phase so you don’t have to worry about this treatment creating a mess in your home. Using this technique is an effective way to remove bedbugs from electrical sockets, pipes, cabinets, and more hard-to-reach locations. We can use cryonite in food processing facilities since it is safe and clean. It won’t get your flour wet and transform it into a gooey mess.

Rapid – The small particle size and speed guarantees that bedbugs are cooled quickly enough to kill them. Thanks to the speed, this technique is effective for eliminating bugs, eggs, and larvae.

Ergonomic Design – This procedure uses an ergonomically designed unit and a telescoping nozzle that is angled at 90-degrees. The exterminator will be able to apply the cryonite quickly and eliminate the bugs even quicker.

Penetration – Cryonite snow will easily penetrate cracks, crevices, and pipes. It will remove bugs from hard to reach locations.

Eco-Friendly Treatment

Finally, you’ll be thrilled to know that Cryonite is an eco-friendly treatment.

  • Crynoite can be used anywhere and at any time.
  • It can be used to treat kitchens, bakeries, and other food processing facilities.
  • Your production line can continue during the treatment process.
  • There is no residue so guests can return to their rooms quickly.

The Benefits Of Cryonite Treatment

  • It can eliminate all crawling pests, including bedbugs, roaches, and more.
  • You don’t have to worry about using pesticides.
  • The production line can continue.
  • You’ll be able to minimize your production downtime.
  • There is no residue.
  • This safe and effective technique can be used around food.
  • It kills all stages of the bug’s life including eggs and larvae.
  • It will reduce your costs.

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Cryonite Freezing Treatment