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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Research has shown that bugs can be repelled using certain smells, including tea tree oil, lavender, and peppermint. If this works for certain bugs, it should work for bedbugs as well. Can you use peppermint to keep bedbugs away from your home? While these bugs will attempt to avoid certain smells, it isn’t the most … Read more

How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Bedbugs are good at many things including traveling and hiding. If bedbugs have entered your home, you may not realize that you have a problem. You’ll likely wait until the problem spirals out of control before you call an exterminator. The infestation will likely start with a few bugs and quickly turn into a nightmare. … Read more

How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

During the early stages, it’ll be difficult to confirm that you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation. Before you can quickly identify the problem, it’ll be severe. The population of bedbugs hiding in your home will have tripled by then. If the problem is apparent, you’re likely dealing with a large infestation. However, you can use … Read more

9 Natural Bed Bug Remedies

At one point, it was believed that bedbugs had been dealt with for good. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. It was only a matter of time before they returned and quickly spiraled out of control. Many believe that increased travel after WWII led to the resurgence. Homeowners and renters have to be worried about bedbugs … Read more

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring A Bed Bug Exterminator

The first question that will come to mind, when you discover that your home is being invaded by bedbugs is “should I hire an exterminator.” Well, this is a very important question, since the answer can potentially determine the outcome. If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, you need to make a quick … Read more

Bed Bugs – Exploring The Problem At Hand

With so much going on in the world at large, it can be difficult for Californians to keep up with the happenings around them. This has led to many residents of California being unaware of the current situation regarding bed bugs in Los Angeles. Although the state has been hit hard by bedbug infestations, they’re … Read more

What You Should Know About Bed Bug Extermination Services

Itchy welts on the skin are generally the first sign that bed bugs are sharing your home. Do not fret, because there is a solution to your problem and that is a Bed Bug Extermination service provider in Los Angeles, California. Bed bugs will take over your entire home, within a few short days, leaving … Read more

Bed Bug Removal – Things To Know First And Foremost

If you’re the type of individual that likes to keep up with the news, you’re likely aware of the problem regarding bedbugs. Although these bugs have become problematic throughout the country, they’ve hit some key areas hardest. This including California. This has brought about a growing demand for bed bug removal in Los Angeles and … Read more