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Looking For A Reliable Bed Bug Treatment? Here’s What You Should Know

Do you reside within California? If so, you are a lucky individual. There are thousands of consumers, who would love to be able to live in such a beautiful location. As a homeowner in Cali, you have likely heard about the recent outbreak of bedbugs. Take note that bedbugs can inhabit any home or dwelling and have done so throughout the United States, as well as other countries abroad. There is a little bit of hope though. Treatments for bedbugs have gotten much more effective and they’re safer than ever before. Below, you’ll learn about some of these, so you can eliminate the problem quickly.

Bedbug Hardiness

Before rushing forward, you should take the time to learn about your enemy, so you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. Although bedbugs closely resemble cockroaches, the two couldn’t be more different. First and foremost, bedbugs aren’t capable of transmitting disease, so they’re not are harmful as roaches. However, bedbugs are much hardier. In fact, it is nearly impossible to eliminate these critters with pesticides. Over the years, bedbugs have developed a resistance to these chemicals and have completely nullified their effectiveness. This can make finding a reliable bed bug treatment in Los Angeles a little more difficult.

What Causes Their Spread?

Over the course of 15 years or so, the United States has seen a massive increase in the frequency of bedbug infestations. There are a number of factors, which have led to this dramatic spike. First, it can be directly contributed to the increased travel of the country. With more people arriving from foreign countries, there is a higher chance that the bugs can hitch a ride on the foreigner’s clothing or in their luggage. The reproductive nature of the bedbug can also be credited. Bedbugs are capable of spreading rapidly and females can produce up to 500 eggs.

The combination has directly led to the massive increase of bedbug sightings and has made them very problematic in areas that are popular amongst foreign travelers. This includes Los Angeles and other areas in California.

Knowing Your Options

Although there are some potential prevention methods, it is nearly impossible to eliminate the chance of being infested entirely. With this in mind, it is wise to learn about the various Los Angeles bed bug treatments, before your home becomes overrun. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some techniques used by professional exterminators.

  • Pesticides – As mentioned above, bedbugs are a little too hardy for pesticides. There are some chemicals, which are still effective, but the treatment process will need to be ongoing.
  • Heat – To date, the mass majority of exterminators and experts rely on heat as the most reliable solution. Bedbugs are unable to cope with extremely hot temperatures, so heating a room to their breaking point can kill all bugs within. When compared to the alternatives, heat is truly the best option.


Although it is possible that you’ll never encounter a bedbug problem, life is truly uncertain. With this in mind, it is always best to be prepared for those unexpected moments. By learning about the solutions above, you’ll be much better prepared, if an infestation does occur.


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